Monday, February 16, 2015

Asher & Brilyn at Chuck E Cheese

Asher is finally big enough
to really enjoy Chuck E. Cheese!
 He seems to be drawn to all of 
the "boyish" games..... you know, the 
ones with balls or cars, or dog bones!
 Brilyn likes ALL the games!
Especially the messy ones!
I think she has more fun playing 
in the water than she does
shooting her targets!
 But - on this particular day,
we were the only customers in 
the store. I love Chuck E Cheese
early in the day during the
middle of the week when we
can have the whole place
to ourselves.
 The kids seem to like it when
it's quiet, too. They got to
run around and win lots
and lots of tickets!
 And each of them got to choose
a prize. Brilyn got a cute little
Teddy Bear in a Chuck E Cheese hoodie!
And Asher got a cool new playground
ball with Chuck E Cheese 
on it. Both kids left happy and
just almost worn out enough 
for an afternoon nap!

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