Thursday, February 12, 2015

February Birthday Celebration

This past Sunday 
we had our family
February Birthday Celebration! 
During the month of February
we celebrate birthday's for
Billy and Olivia!
 We had a few surprises for
Valentine's Day, too!
 We had a treasure hunt!
There was a treasure map puzzle in
a bottle like that pretty milk  bottle
on the table in the first picture.
The kids found their bottles 
in the deep blue sea,
(whirlpool bath with bluish green sea water)
Then assembled their puzzles to
see where the treasure was hidden
and ran to find it!
 It was a lot of fun.
Olivia found the treasure,
but I had more treasure
for all of the children, so
no one was left out!
And Olivia opened presents!
She got a nice selection of 
wonderful things.
And Billy stopped by and picked
up his gifts and Weston's
party favors and prizes earlier.
Weston has been sick so they
opted to stay home to keep 
him from sharing his sickness
with his cousins. 
 Hopefully, they will stay well, also!


  1. Really cute...
    here's a link I thought you might enjoy...

  2. What a wonderful month to celebrate birthdays! Olivia looks so excited opening up her presents. The kids must have had a blast with the treasure hunt. The table looks so sweet with the bear, the red napkins and hearts. And those cupcakes........oh my, they look delicious.

    Happy Valentine's Day, Patty!

    love, ~Sheri