Friday, February 6, 2015

Lincoln Logs

Grace just loves building
things with Lincoln Logs.
 When I was visiting we build 
a Train Station Museum.
 Those little logs she is lining up
on her Lincoln Log bleachers
are pretend children.
 They are listening to the sherrif
tell the all about the days of 
the old west.... and about trains.
 You can see the whole picture here.
 And that little building with the 
blue roof. That is the museum's
souvenir shop and snack station.
The pretend children can go there
and buy their lunch and have
a picnic on the train of by the bleachers.
Lincoln Logs have changed a bit
since I was a kid - but they are
still a great toy!
I think Grace is really enjoying them.
And Olivia enjoys them, too.
I think her favorite thing about them
is watching Grace create something
so she can knock it down. 
She just loves to aggravate her
big sister. And she's very good at it, too!


  1. I have a small box full of real lincoln logs from childhood. I am waiting for the boys to get old enough to play with them. Great photos- xo Diana

  2. We didn't do the Lincoln log thing when our kids or grands were little. They look like fun, tho. Leggos were the thing around our house...and those cardboard blocks from Lillian Vernon. I am about to order them for our GREAT-grands, now.
    "and the beat goes on...."