Friday, May 15, 2015

Blessed in Oklahoma

We've been having
LOTS and LOTS of stormy weather! 
There have been reports of
tornadoes and tornado damage
and our facebook news feed 
was filled with pictures like THIS:

While our own photos look like this:
 Grace wanted to see a real tornado.
So, Uncle Deuce, who has done some storm
chasing showed her tornado videos
on his phone. When she saw the fierce
storms, her reply was,
"It's a good thing you're here. So, if a 
tornado does come, you can just chase it away!"

Wow! That's confidence!
I think this one story sort of
describes the faith of a child.



  1. Scary storms...
    Stay safe.. We too have been getting lots of rain..

  2. aahh, Patty, the innocence of a child. What a precious thing Grace said because she doesn't have the fear that us grown ups have. Please be safe. These tornadoes can be fierce.

    Thank you for the birthday wishes. It meant a lot to me. :~)

    love, ~Sheri