Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Relaxing Around The Campfire

The girls and I do
Keepers of the Faith
and we went camping last week
and worked on Keeper's Awards.
We had a great time
and I think they all learned
a few things....
and we had a little company!

While relaxing around the campfire
and making S'more's
a buffalo stopped by for a visit!
He looks small here, but he looked
much bigger as he approached 
our campsite.
So.... what do you do when a
buffalo becomes an 
uninvited guest!
 Run for it!
Jump in the car!
I think this was a campfire
the girls will not soon forget!
And - according to our neighbors
at the campsite next to ours 
the buffalo was in our campsite
in the middle of the night....
Just 3 feet from our tent!
They followed him, with their
flashlights and all and 
we slept right through it! 
Yes - we were that worn out!
It seems you sleep so much
better when you're
good and tired!

1 comment:

  1. Yikes, that must have been a scare, Patty! I can't believe you got a picture of the buffalo after all. I hope it didn't scare the girls too much that they won't go camping again. I remember the days when the family went camping. It was always a fun time. These will be good memories for you.

    love, ~Sheri