Saturday, May 30, 2015

Olivia's Yummy Dessert

 When we made the apple 
dessert at camp,
Olivia thought it should be cherry!
 So - I let her make a cherry one
at home. And - we served it
with ice cream!
We used the apple recipe and baked it
at 450 for about an hour.
I think that works much, much better!
It was soooooo good!
Now - if Olivia could just
come back to Grandma's and
make it again! 


  1. Such fun to do those things with your grands. You are making memories they will never forget. xo Diana

  2. What joy grandchildren bring us...I wouldn't trade being a Granny for anything in the world...I'll have a large bowl of Olivia's desert with a big scoop of ice cream!!! Yummy...Thank you for your kind comment regarding my niece Darlene...Hugs...

  3. Olivia's a girl after my own heart........I'm a CHERRY girl too! This dessert looks scrumptious, and the pictures are sweet of a child experimenting and enjoying.