Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Mister Lizard

 Brilyn arrived at camp before
Grace and Olivia.
 And since there were no girls to
play with.... she chased lizards.
There were plenty of them 
near our campsite.
She kept this one until
Grace and Olivia arrived to
show them.
And this is the face of a child
having to let a lizard go.
 Oh, how she would love to 
keep that thing.
But - hopefully we can pay it
a visit and camp again soon.


  1. So very, very cute. Love the face when she had to let it go! xoDiana

  2. That's great that the girls just picked up that lizard and held it and didn't want to let go. That is a sure sign of a child, isn't it? I'll tell you something.....lizards are creepy to me and whenever I see one, it startles me and I back away from it hehehe.

    Such cute pictures of these sweet girls, Patty.