Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Picnic Turned Tea Party

Grace wanted to have a picnic
on her balcony. It's her
favorite balcony.
It's right outside her bedroom window
and it's so, so nice!
Except, it was windy and cold so we came in
and had a picnic in Olivia's room, instead.
 We stopped on the way home from church to
pick up lunch at Sonic!
Grace wanted a Daddy Cheeseburger
and a soda!
We ordered Olivia Chicken and
Chocolate Milk.
 Grace poured her soda in a tea pitcher she
found in Olivia's kitchen.
That's when our picnic turned into
a tea party. Picnics are for
outside and tea parties are for
inside or outside!
Sooooo.... a tea party it is! 
ANYTIME is a good time
for a tea party!


  1. So sweet Patty. Wish my girls were small again we could enjoy a tea party like that. xoxox, Susie

  2. They are such sweet, beautiful little girls, Patty. What a blessing- xo Diana