Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt #1

When my own children were
young, we moved to Lawton.
We had lived in the country before
and had a HUGE yard.
Our little city yard just didn't offer
much of an egg hunting challenge
and I had adventurous kids!
So, we began hunting our
Easter Eggs
in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.
This year, Heather wanted
to resurrect that
old family tradition.
Brandy was waiting for a little
girl she baby sits to be dropped off
so Brilyn rode with us because
we didn't want her to be late!
However, Brandy was still the
first to arrive.

Brilyn and I had lots of fun throwing
rocks into the water and playing
on the bridge while Grandpa
hid the eggs. Brilyn loves
the outdoors!
Once all the children had arrived
we sat down and had a story.
I shared The Easter Story
with them using a set of
Even though the little ones are
small, I want them to understand
the REAL meaning of Easter!
After the story, we hunted eggs.

 Olivia found the GOLDEN Prize Egg!
 Brilyn found the most eggs!
 And although it was cold, I think
all the girls enjoyed themselves.
 I've always enjoyed an Easter Egg Hunt.
And I think the girls enjoy it, too!
There was money in all of
the eggs and each girl found
between $20 and $23.
I think it was a pretty good
Egg Hunt!
More on Easter Egg Hunts:
I can still remember going to an
egg hunt as a child and being knocked down
by a big kid who snatched the prize egg
right out of my basket.
When my own kids were little I
did my own egg hunts, complete with
money and prizes, so there was really
no need to go to commercial or city wide
hunts to get more candy.
The kids are each told how many
eggs and how many prize eggs they
can find and when everyone has filled their
baskets we have a free for all,
and any eggs left are fair game. But,
EVERYONE gets a lot of eggs,
money and candy.
This year there were 30 eggs
and 5 prize eggs per child.
At city wide hunts a child is lucky
to find 4 or 5 candy filled eggs.
If you stop and think about it,
your child is much better off if you
just do your own hunt. Plus, you can
do it at your own convenience.
The backyard would be fine for our
little ones right now, but bigger kids
like to hunt in a park or other
fun location.

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