Friday, March 1, 2013

Olivia's ZOO Trip!

For Olivia's Birthday we went to
the Dallas Zoo! She liked walking
or riding on Daddy's shoulders.
Isn't she cute with her little
sunglasses upside down?

I think the view is better
from Daddy's shoulders
most of the time!
We saw lots and lots of animals!
This one looks like he's wearing
purple panties!
I'm not sure what my favorite zoo
animal is. But, it would
probably be from Africa!
 It might be a Cheetah. I think Cheetah's
are beautiful and I love the fact
that they are fast.
 It was cool out and I think that may have
improved our zoo visit.
The animals were all out
and they were playful!
 The lions even put on a little performance
by having a play fight or courtship ritual.
They made a lot of noise and looked
like they wanted to attack each other.
 I think we saw the entire zoo!
And we had a lot of fun.
I'll show you Olivia's favorite
animal next week
because there is simply not room
for all of our zoo adventures
on today's post.
But for now - I'll leave you with
this. The Zoo's crazy
Bathroom Sign!
Have you ever seen anything
quite like it?

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