Friday, March 22, 2013

The Frank Buck Zoo

When Grace and Olivia come to stay
at my house, I often head south and
meet Heather somewhere between
our house and theirs to
pick them up!
Since it was Frank Buck's Birthday
and Zoo admission was discounted,
we decided the Frank Buck Zoo would
be a good meeting place.
Brandy and Brilyn even went with
me so we all got to enjoy a day at the zoo!
 Olivia showed Brilyn how to
be brave and feed the goats.
 And we saw lots of the more
common zoo animals.
Grace got to pet a snake.
It was a ball python and she'd love
to have on for a pet!
But, we'll stick to visiting one
at the zoo for now!
And there were common Texas animals
like this coyote. A man walking just ahead of
us had a coyote call on his phone and
called it right up to the fence.
Now, I'm wondering what animal calls
I might be able to download before
our next zoo trip!
Technology might just make a
simple trip to the zoo
a little more interesting!
And here is Brandy and Brilyn
with the big Giraffe.
Olivia didn't care for him
and Grace was more interested in
the snake.
The Frank Buck Zoo is a
nice little zoo, but it really doesn't
compare to the larger zoos
like the OKC Zoo or the Dallas Zoo.
But it's cheap and the gift shop
prices are even reasonable.


  1. What a fun day, Patty. I love to see the kids enjoying the zoo. Great idea about the phone apps for "calls". I have to type out how to save your blog and I will get that to you later...hopefully today- xo Diana

  2. And fun was had by all it appears-fantastic day trip. I have never heard of those apps but wouldn't that be exciting for the grands!
    Have a good weekend.