Monday, March 18, 2013

Make A Wish Pageant

Brilyn was invited to be in a
Make A Wish Pageant
to help raise
money to grant a little
boy's wish!
So, she walked on stage and
smiled like a princess!
 Isn't she adorable?
She had a good time
and all of the contestants
won little star
trophies because they are
all very beautiful!
Brilyn's picture also appeared in
the paper.
And I am proud that Brilyn
is following in her Daddy's footsteps
and using her talents to help others.
Her Daddy once used his artistic talents
to paint a Make A Wish Truck
for a local boy
who chose to restore and paint
an old truck rather than
take a vacation.
Andrew did all of the custom
airbrushing and pin stripping
to make his wish come true!
He was just a young boy at the time.
He started painting an pin stripping
before he entered his teens.
I remember being excited when he
got his driver's license because that
meant he could run to the paint
store all by himself,
but although he had his own business,
I still had to pick up an occasional
product for him.
Because in some stores you have to
show an ID and you have to be
eighteen to buy paint!

Make A Wish Truck
Painted by Andrew


  1. Oh- How very wonderful to be involved for a benefit. Look how beautiful those babies look...and how exciting to get something and be in the paper- good job! xo Diana

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