Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A White Lined Sphinx

 This moth is often mistaken for a
hummingbird. He flies fast, and flaps 
his wings into a blur and he really
does resemble one. I often call
him a hummingbird moth, but he
is actually a White Lined Sphinx.
He sucks nectar from the flowers
with his long straw like tongue.
And when he is not feeding, he
simply rolls his straw like tongue up.
I liked this photo, even though it's
not as sharp as it should be
because I had never noticed that
feature of the White Lined Sphinx before!

This is another creature that frequents 
our little butterfly garden. 


  1. The first time I saw one I kind of freaked out because it buzzed my HAIR! lol They are really amazing, aren't they? xo Diana

  2. OMG, I would have thought it was a humming bird...Amazing, thank you!