Thursday, August 29, 2013

Meet Charlotte!

Meet Charlotte!
Charlotte is our pet garden spider.
She's a Wasp Spider.
She is not poisonous and wasp
spiders rarely bite.
 And they're fun to watch!
They're also very educational.
 Here is a close up view!
 Wasp Spiders normally make an egg
sac in August and Charlotte
has already made hers.
 These are two of Charlotte's friends!
What are they doing?
Looking for grasshoppers and bugs.
 Why? To feed Charlotte, of course!
Once they catch a grasshopper,
Grace picks it's back legs off so it can't
get away and we place it on the web.
Then Charlotte spins a web around
it and wraps it all up,
making a sack lunch! She'll come back
when she is hungry and gobble
it up. Charlotte has been in the garden
since May and the girls have become
quite fond of watching her.

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