Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tea Party with Friends!

 After our Pool Party
we had a
The girls had a great time!
(Pictured left to right - Grace, Kodi, Caelie, Kayli and Olivia)
We had delicious cookies and treats!
And BEAUTIFUL Cupcakes!
Kayli and Olivia loved the puppet show
provided by Kodi and Caelie!
The puppet show was
pretty cute!
This is Kodi - the talented Puppeteer!
And doesn't Olivia look sweet here?
She's such a delicate looking
little thing.
But - looks are deceiving. She's actually
a pretty tough and adventurous kid!
And I was so proud of Grace at our
little tea party.
We have been working hard on manners
and serving others before you serve yourself
is a REALLY difficult skill for little
ones to grasp.
Yet - Grace did it!
She also let others choose their
chair FIRST. And Kodi chose her
favorite chair. But - she did not try to
take it away. Then - Caelie chose her
second favorite chair. She did not try to
take it, either.
Then the little girls sat down and we
were all out of chairs.
Oh, no!
(We had only set places for 4 and Caelie dropped in and surprised us)
Where is Gracie supposed to sit?
I went upstairs and pulled another chair
from the studio!
But - I am very proud that Grace
was willing to give up her favorite
seat for a friend!


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  1. That looks so fun! What a great way to teach the kids manners!