Friday, August 16, 2013

I is for Ice Cream!

Before the girls last visit
I made several sets up tea party
snacks and put them in rubber maid
containers to have on hand.
We never got to these, but I thought
they were so cute I had to share.
I think they would be great little
snacks for preschool or kindergarten
when the children are learning
the Letter I.
To make the, you just make cake
balls. Then dip miniature ice cream
cones into candy melts and
stick a ball on each one.
Put it in the freezer to set.
Then dip the cake pop into the
candy melts to frost the cake.
Add sprinkles and
whatever toppings you'd like.
I added a little melted chocolate
and an M&M.


  1. Oh yeah- I see a sugar rush coming on there!;>) That is a really cute idea- xo Diana

  2. What a great idea...and I know your girls will love them.:)