Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Becoming REAL Scientist!

At the OKC Zoo
they were doing a Monarch Butterfly
Conservation Project
and the girls got to help!
 They were given nets and asked to
catch butterflies.
If they caught a Monarch it was
tagged but other butterflies and moths
were just identified and counted.
 Grace caught several.
When she caught one the wildlife
conservation worker would take it from
her net and show her how to hold it gently
so she wouldn't injure it's wings.
Then they would identify it
and place it on her finger to be released.
 I think Grace would have stayed and
helped all day long if we would
have let her. She loved being
a REAL scientist and helping
with REAL research.
 She caught several butterflies
and moths.
 Can you see the excitement on
her little face?
 Brilyn wasn't quite as excited.
She wasn't even sure she wanted that
butterfly on her finger.
But - she was brave!
And she learned that butterflies only
tickle. They don't hurt you at all.
 This was a one day event that lasted
three hours, so we were fortunate to get
to be a part of it.
The girls received a patch for helping
and some information on what kinds of
plants help attract and preserve butterflies.
AND - This was Grace's FAVORITE part
of the zoo!

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  1. She caught a lot of butterflies. I think they love her!