Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Making Room

 Billy and Alyssa have lived in the
cutest little house since they were married.
It was adorable.
But - there were only two bedrooms
and Billy has a lot of "stuff".
So, with a new baby coming they really
needed more space.
And - they found it!
 Just look at that spacious front yard!
And this beautiful house!
And take a peek at the back yard.
We spent last weekend moving and I didn't
take my camera, so these are just
phone pictures.
But - the place is BEAUTIFUL!
And there is plenty of room for a baby boy
to run and play as he grows up.
There is even room for a sibling or two!
The inside of the house is beautiful, too.
I didn't get pictures, because we were
moving and things were not yet
put away, but everything about this
house seems to say "home".
It's just so comfortable. And there is tons
of storage. I'm sure they're going to
enjoy it.

1 comment:

  1. What a wonderful house. I am sure they are going to love it! What fun a new house is!!! xo Diana