Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fishing In The Rain

 While we were camping it rained!
So - we could either sit in the
tent and be bored.... or we could
get out, get wet and have fun!
So we went fishing!
 Grace caught several fish!
 And she can now catch fish all
by herself!
She just needs help putting the
worm on the hook and taking
the fish off.
She had so much fun!
She even picked out the campsite
she wants to camp at next time.
BUT - we were so far out in the sticks
that we didn't have phone service.
AND - Grace warned me that if we
go camping again and we take the
toddlers (Brilyn & Olivia) along, we shouldn't go
so far out into the woods that our phones
don't work because me might need
help with them.

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