Friday, October 4, 2013

When The World Is Your Classroom

We home schooled our children and now
my daughter is home schooling Grace!
I couldn't be happier.
Home schooling offers families a lot
of flexibility that public and private
schools simply can't offer.
For instance - to a home schooler,
the world is a classroom.
 Grace and I went camping and she
took her school work along.
I'm sure we didn't do it quite as well
as she would have done it at home.
BUT - she learned things you simply can't
learn from a book!
 Working on her lessons!
 Studying nature.
Did you know that lily pads change
colors like leaves? We saw some that
were pink and purplish tan and brown.
 Grace is such a gentle little thing that the
deer come almost up to her.
I think that doe would have come
a little bit closer had she not
had a fawn to protect.
 Perhaps the fawn was getting a little
lesson of it's own?
 We saw several deer.
And we saw other wildlife, too.
I think Grace is going to want to go
camping again and again!
She is definitely a little nature lover!

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