Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy, HAPPY Halloween!

 October has been a busy month,
but we did make it to the Pumpkin Patch!
 We've visited a different Pumpkin Patch
each year, and this one is probably
one of my favorites.
 We too a hay ride up to Pumpkin Hill
and each girl chose her pumpkin.
 It was cold and windy, but it seems it's
always cold and windy when we visit
the pumpkin patch.
We had a great time!
I'll post more about it next week
as there isn't room for everything
on one post. 
But - this pumpkin patch
was the best I've seen!
There were LOTS of attractions!
And Heather's favorite Mexican
Restaurant is only 3 Miles Away!

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  1. Happy, Happy Halloween to you, too, Patty. Those are great pictures! xo Diana