Monday, July 30, 2012

Eating OCTOPUS!!!!

 I got this idea from Nana Diana over at

Isn't it cute!
She called it Octopus on the Rocks!
I call it Octopus in Paradise!
Because it looks like a meal you might be served at
some fancy resort or something.
A place with cloth napkins folded to look
like some sort of animal!

Anyway - it's easy to make.
Just steam some brocolli,
cook up some mac & cheese
and cut up some OCTOPUS!
(aka hotdogs)
I had all three girls try it out!
 Brilyn liked the cheesy brocolli!
Olivia liked the OCTOPUS!

And Gracie gobbled hers up before I could get a
picture and asked for MORE!
This might be something you want to try
if you have picky eaters.

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  1. Oh, that is absolutely adorable....How cute, what a great idea!