Friday, July 27, 2012

Someone's A Daddy's Girl!

 Just look at this little girl having fun with
her Daddy!
 He helps her up the slide!
 And he catches her as she comes down!
 Over and over again!
 I love watching the two of them together!
Brilyn loves her Daddy! And her Daddy loves her!
Brilyn's Daddy - Andrew - is my youngest
and I am so proud of the man
he has grown up to be.
Although, at times, I have to admit,
I kind of miss the little boy
that he once was.


  1. Oh- Your son looks like a boy himself. You can tell that there is a love affair between those two. How very, very sweet! xo Diana

  2. How precious, the both of them.
    Sometimes, when I look at my 48 yr. old son, I see him in a little plaid shirt, running around, laughing and playing and feel tears welling up. I love him more today and am so proud of what a good husband and father he is....but I can't help wishing I could have just ONE MORE DAY with him as a little boy.