Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Olivia Loves the Pool!

 Look at this Happy Girl!
 She loves the pool!
So much so that she was all smiles..
all day!
She and Grace were taking turns holding
my hands and jumping into the water
and she smiled and laughed
the whole time!
When she was a tiny baby I used to call her
"Smiley" because she smiled
so much! I started calling her "Smiley" again
and Grace joined it!
 She would say.... "Now, it's my turn!"
"Now, it's Smiley's turn!"
"Now, it's my turn!"
"Now, Smiley's!"
On... and on... and on!
Both girls had fun
and gained confidence in the water!
I think Olivia enjoys life more
than most, though.
After all, she's "Smiley!"


  1. Oh my your pool looks SO refreshing!
    "Smiley" and Grace sure did have a fun day!!
    I know it made me smile :-)

  2. There is nothing cuter than a kid in the water. They sure look like they are having fun! xo Diana