Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Movie Date!

Grace & I collect rocks!
Recently at a craft show a lady was selling
rocks and stones and I purchased a
shiny metallic rock that came from
Then, I bought the movie, Madagascar,
so we could see where our
new rock came from!
Then I bought Madagascar 2,
because Madagascar was sooooo good!
And then we noticed
toys in our Happy Meals!
What? There's a NEW Madagascar Movie?
We had to see it!
 So, I took Grace to the movies the first
chance I got!
She sat in the big chair with her popcorn,
candy and soda!
 But.... she didn't like the big chair. Even with
the booster seat it felt like it was
going to swallow her up!
So, she moved to the floor!
At this point I decided it might be best
if she just sat in my lap.
At least there she wouldn't be
stepped on!
Anyway.... she LOVED the movie!
But.... she did say that the
first Madagascar was still the best.
Isn't that normally how it goes
with sequels?

1 comment:

  1. I didn't know #3 was out either- Our kids all love movies. Usually their Daddy takes them because he loves movies, too. How cute she is in her little booster- xo Diana