Monday, July 2, 2012

A Simple Science Lesson... Concave Curve Reflections!

Have you ever noticed that if you look at
your reflection on the inside of a concave curve
it is upside down?
We noticed!
 We also noticed that no matter which way you
turn it - your reflection is still upside down
on the inside of the scoop.
But - it's right side up on the backside (outside)
of the scoop!
We gathered different objects to look at
our reflections and see if they were the same.
 Nope! They're not the same. Grace's
reflection appears right side up on this
 But, hey! Her reflection is upside down again
on the inside of this spoon!
 What about the outside?
Or backside?
Nope.... she's right side up here!
She had a lot of fun playing with different
objects and guessing how her reflection
would appear when she looked
at them.
Science is just a fun activity
right now.
But then, shouldn't learning be an
effortless discovery?
Satisfaction for a natural curiosity?
An every day childhood occurance!
Grace is learning in the best way possible.
She's engaging in activities and conversation
with people who love her and care for her
on a regular basis.
That's the best foundation she could
possibly have!


  1. I love playing games like this with the kids. They don't even realize they are learning, do they? You are a wonderful grandmother- xo Diana

  2. Cute science lesson. Smiles, Susie

  3. hahhhaaa...your playing with Grace takes me back to when our grands were little. We still play...I am spending the holiday at the lake with 3 of my grands, boating, fishing and just enjoying. still get to play with them when they get bigger...just different games. :))
    Don't ever stop looking for ways to always be a part of their lives....after all, THEY are what makes us take our next breath. :)))