Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Dynamo Gymnastics' Play Place

 I had to make a run to Oklahoma City
to pick up a roll of background paper for a
commercial photo shoot and Brnady
and Brilyn came along.
We wanted to do something
fun while we were there, so
Brandy asked Siri for things to
do in Oklahoma City with toddlers!
 Brilyn answered, "Play!" from the
backseat! But, we followed
Siri's advice and ended up at
Dynamo Gymnastic's Play Place!
 It's a huge indoor playground!
And Brilyn had a good time!
She is such a bundle of energy,
she always has a good time!
And this playground would be a
great place to spend a cold or rainy day!


  1. What an awesome place-looks like fun was had by everyone!

  2. I love those big indoor playgrounds. We have a couple of them here and that is what SweetCheeks wants to do for her birthday - xo Diana