Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Great Big Building Blocks

 Gracie is building something for the
babies to knock down!
Yep! She's hard at work.
 It really looks like she's building
a wall..... or a levy.... to keep the babies back
 but she's figured out that nothing you build is
going to last with babies around!
So now the challenge is to see how big
you can build something before they knock it down!
And don't you just love these blocks?
My friend BJ over at
recomended them to me
and I ordered them right away
for the girls to play with.
They come in girly pastel colors
as well, but I ordered the primary since
they're more gender neutral.
There will someday be more grandbabies
to share them with....
and who knows,
some of them might be BOYS!


  1. I have not seen those building blocks before. They look like a lot of fun- xo Diana

  2. You are the best kind of Grandma-loving AND fun!
    Will you be my Grandma?