Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Andrew!

 Andrew is my youngest and today is
his birthday!
So, Happy Birthday, Andrew!
 Andrew is sweet and sensitive. He's funny
and smart! And very, very talented!
He's probably the most unique person
I've ever known! And he's always had a
knack for making money!
At 20 months of age he memorized
the 23rd Psalm and whenever
someone would want to hear him say it
he held his hand out for a dollar.
At seven years of age he skated around the
neighborhood on trash days to find things
he could recycle and sell.
At eleven he was tying balloon animals
for tips in the local Chili's
At 13 he was painting and pinstriping
cars and motorcycles in the back of
a local motorcycle shop.
At 16 he opened his own shop
-all by himself-
and I remembered being shocked that
someone would actually rent him
a building.
His website is still up:
He's now grown and married and has
a smart little girl of his own.
He's Brilyn's Daddy!
And I'm so proud of the husband and father
he has become. He loves his family.
And to me - loving your family is
what makes a man an honorable man!
Now he's using his talents to decorate
people. He's a tattoo artist.
And he's recently bought his own shop.
Go see him.... comment and say hello
He's got a blog at


  1. Took a moment to pop over and say Happy Birthday to your son. I agree with you that a man who is personally honorable and loves his family (and NOT AFRAID TO SHOW IT) is truly a man.

  2. I can tell you are very proud of this bright young man. I have a similar one here- I will pop by and wish him a happy birthday- xo Diana