Friday, November 2, 2012

Tumble Time

 A couple of times a week a local
gymnastics gym allows kids
to come in and enjoy a little playtime
using their gymnastics equipment.
Grace got to practice her gymnastics.
 And the little girls got to
enjoy the gym.
 Olivia likes the bar.
 And Brilyn liked the baby doll she found
in their toybox.
She also played on the slide and
in the foam block pit,
 but for her, it's kind of hard
to top a baby!
 Playing with the foam blocks!
 Both little ones playing with the
foam blocks!
 Brilyn trying to catch bubbles.
 Grace trying to catch bubbles.
And Olivia as close as possible to the
yellow line you are not supposed to cross!
She did not like staying behind the line.
She wanted to get to those bubbles!


  1. They are so cute. Some Olympians in the making? xo Diana

  2. Aren't they just adorable !!!
    One of my little grandgirls started taking gymnastics when she was 3. She stayed with it for 12 years, loving every minute of it. It all payed off for her when she wanted to make the cheer leading squad her first yr. in high school. She made it with flying colors.
    If your girls love it, it will be sooo good for them. :)