Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Puppy Love

 Brilyn loves Abby! She always has!
She loves her so much so that Abby
was her first word and she said
it when she was just
four months old.
(she says it twice here, with an emphasis on the "eee" because she
was calling Abby, "aaaa" until I started telling her it
was AaaaBeeee. Then she started over
emphasizing the "beeeee"... She also spoke much more
clearly when no camera was involved)
She loves her so much, she is sharing
her favorite blanket!
Because she knows Abby is tired and
she needs a nap!
Dogs like naps!
Toddlers don't!

But sometimes when they are really
tired and they've snuggled long enough
they do fall asleep.
Now - Abby gets to lay still and
quiet for a long time...
so her sweet baby girl
can get some rest!
What a good dog!


  1. What a dolly she is! And don't you just love goldens, they sure are good with little ones.

  2. Oh- Isn't that cute? She is so sweet. xo Diana