Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Santa Claus Stopped by for a Tea Party!

 Santa Claus stopped by a little
early this year!
 He wanted to make sure each of
these little ones were being good
and to have some one on one time with
them before the Holiday Rush!
 He helped Gracie serve up some
tea and cookies!
 Yummy! Who doesn't like
Christmas Cookies?
 And each of the girls got a chance to do
pictures with Santa!
 They went for Razor Rides!
Unloaded gifts...
And opened presents!
 And it took every bit of that for Grace
and Olivia to warm up to Santa!
 Brilyn, on the other hand
was won right over with a piece of chocolate!
My how that girl loves chocolate!
 For Olivia, Santa has to work just a
little bit harder to get on
her "nice" list!
Give me a present!
Now..... that's NICE!


  1. Oh- How cute! How precious to have Santa all to yourself for an hour or so- xo Diana

  2. At least they weren't crying LOL.. I have photos of my g.daughter crying , struggling to get off Santa's lap. Her mom took the pics, not me. That is a good Santa. That will mean something to your little girls . Smiles, Susie

  3. OMG what cute pictures-great memories for them! Your a GREAT grandmother.