Friday, December 21, 2012

Brilyn and the CHRISTmas Tree!

 I took Brilyn to Cameron University to
see the big Christmas Tree. We also
took a few pictures to break in
my new camera.
Is she not the most adorable
thing you have ever seen?
You just have to love her.
It can't be helped.
She's a handful as she is
constantly on the go.
But - she has such a contagious
enthusiasm. She always
makes you smile!


  1. Oh who wouldn't want to kiss those cheeks and hug that sweet girl. She is adorable. Good photos too. xo,Susie

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  3. What a sweet dolly-so precious. Her smile is contagious!

  4. She is just a beautiful little girl. I know you adore her and I would, too. xo Diana