Monday, December 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Grace!

It's hard to believe that four years have passed
since this little angel was born!
I remember the three long flights it took
to get to Okinawa, Japan.
I left Thanksgiving Day. I wanted to make
sure I was there to welcome this little
one to the world.
I got there and we waited!
There were places to go and things
to see to help pass the time,
but the most beautiful site in that entire
country was this little girl's sweet face!
She was perfect!
And when the time came for me
to fly back to the states, I didn't
want to go. It's never fun being separated,
but I'm thankful now that she lives in the USA
and visits are much easier! And much
more frequent!
Oh, what joy she has brought to our lives!
She had a birthday party at the gymnastic gym
she and her sister Olivia, now attend!
It's a really nice place. Her party was in
the part of the gym where Olivia's classes
are held. Olivia looked like she
felt right at home.
 I think gymnastics is good for her. You can see
that she enjoys it. And - she's getting
stronger by the day!
 This was Brilyn's first time to visit.
She got to see Grace and Olivia's new
house, their new neighborhood
and their new gym.
I think she had fun!
 Brilyn always likes playing with
Grace and Olivia!
 Isn't Olivia just darling in her little
gym suit.
 Here is Grace getting ready to perform a
trick on the bar.
 This gym is a pretty neat place to have a birthday
party. You get free play time on the equipment,
a coach that does a few things with the
kids as a group and a party room
and time to have refreshments.
And just look who Grace is playing with!
She tells me that she doesn't like cootie boys!
(and ALL boys are cootie boys)
But, if I didn't know better I would think
she liked Pete!
 She seems to give him a lot of attention.
Maybe she has learned that
boys can be fun to have as
friends, too!


  1. Happy Birthday to her! What a great idea to have the party at their gym-lots for them to day that doesn't cost an arm and 2 legs-LOL

  2. O, Happiest belated birthday to this sweetie girl. What a cutie she is...
    I just picked up one of my grands at a birthday party held in a BODY WORKS gym near my house. She said they had a great time.

    I think I told you that one of my grands did gymnastics for quite a few years and then when she tried out the first time for cheerleading, she got it. Two of my others didn't make it this time but, maybe, next year. :)

  3. Happy birthday to your sweet girl. She is SOOO cute. I love what a good grandmother you are- xo Diana