Monday, December 3, 2012

Our Little Gymnast

While our little gymnasts were
here visiting they wanted to
show us what they could do.
So Grandpa and Uncle Deuce held
Grandpa's monopod up for them to
use as a bar.
Olivia has just started taking
But just look at her!
She can swing off of the sofa
and onto that bar with
no problems at all! 
 And she already knows that
when she lands she is
supposed to throw her
hands up!
 Grace swung on the bar and
did a little trick!
I'm sure there is a name for
the trick, but if she told me,
I don't remember.
But - I think she did a great
job doing whatever it was
that she was doing!
And she had fun doing it!
And fun is the main
objective at this age....
Or - at least it's supposed to be!


  1. Oh what great pictures! Oh to be that nimble again, right? Happy Monday.

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  3. How really cute! I love it! Oh-to be a child again! xo Diana