Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bubble Baths

What is it about Bubble Baths
that kids seem to love?
All three of these girls love BUBBLES!
 I think Grace enjoys bath time the most.
But then, she's unlikely to slip and fall
and go under.... and if she does go under,
she knows how to hold her breath!
 Brilyn concentrates on getting clean
while the other girls play!
And Olivia likes to play Santa Claus!
She gets her head and face covered with
foamy bubbles and says,
"Ho, ho, ho!"
So..... "Ho, ho, ho..... Merry Christmas!"
I hope you have some good, clean
holiday fun!


  1. Our kids all love bubble baths, too! Such good clean fun (pun intended). Blessings- they are darling- xo Diana

  2. What fun they are having-gotta love bubble baths!