Thursday, December 20, 2012

Elf On The Shelf

 When the girls are here visiting
our little Elf on the Shelf
leaves us surprises.
His name is Jingle Bells but we
call him Jingle or Jingles!
One night while we were sleeping
he decorated our tree with a paper snow
angel chain and left us a book
titles, " The Snow Angel"
by Glenn Beck!
 I love how he encourages reading!
So far he has always left us with something
new and special to read!
 One night we went to bed after cleaning
up for the December Family Birthday Party
and we found he had decorated!
 Overall, he did a decent job - but, he used
toilet paper!
(and if you look close, you can see he left
us a book in the chandelier)
Another day he left candy canes with bookmarks
attached to share and a story about
the true meaning of Christmas!
He's been a lot of fun,
 and I thought I had more pictures of all of his
little antics, but I guess I took them with
my phone and not my camera.
The girls like to send pictures to
their Momma when they are here
so she doesn't miss them!
And when they're not here
I miss them!
But - they'll be her for a few days for


  1. I like your Elf! He is pretty smart leaving books and book marks. The kids have so much fun with the whole idea, don't they? xo Diana

  2. Your Elf is being helpful with the books. I bet the love him. xoxo,Susie