Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Little Nature Lovers

These three love to go to the pond.
They like to look into the water for little fish,
watch the turtles and ducks
and chase the geese!
 These geese!
 Olivia takes off after them every chance
she gets and they take off flying!
 She chases them. She looks almost as if
she believes she can catch them!
If she only had wings!
 Brilyn just watches!
I wish I knew what she was thinking!
Here, she's offering Olivia some helpful
advice. That way.... see.....
They went up there!
It doesn't look like we'll be catching them, though.
They are headed to a family reunion!
Grace told me they were a family.
A BIG Family!
With lots of Uncles and Cousins.
And even a Grandma and Grandpa!
And they were spending the
day flying together!


  1. You are truly blessed with so many wonderful moments with your wonderful family.

  2. Don't you love Grace's idea of the family? What wonderful times with those kids- xo Diana