Thursday, January 17, 2013

A New Kuerig for Christmas

 Every year Papa Bill gives us money
to spend on a Christmas gift from him!
He's got a huge family,
kids, grandkids and great grandkids!
So - this is one way of making sure
all of them get something they want.
I got a Kuerig!
I actually got it before Christmas so I could
have it set up and ready to use on
Christmas morning.
I tried it out early and then liked
it so much I went back to the store
and got another one to give to
my own Mom for Christmas. And - I think
she enjoys hers just as much
as I am enjoying mine.
These things are WONDERFUL!

See my Caramel Latte!
It's delicious.
Starbucks is not even tempting anymore!
And really - I am not an extravagant person.
I like things simple, clean and functional.
My old FREE coffee maker I got from Gevalia
has lasted over 5 years and has served me
well - but these new single cup
coffee makers are simply amazing.
You can even get a refillable cup if you're
concerned about the expense of the K-Cups and
you can use your regular coffee.
The tight wad in me was going to go that
route until I discovered how delicious
some of the specialty coffees are.
My favorites are
Café Caramel and Chai Latte
And I like the Hot Cocoa's and Cappuccino's, too!

1 comment:

  1. OOO, Patty, I am so glad you got one. and one for your mama.
    I want one so bad I can taste it but budget won't allow one right now...maybe later, tho.
    Both son and daughter have one and the coffees are sooooo good. ummmm
    I did buy them the cups you spoke of but I doubt they ever use you say, those special coffees are waaay too good. :)