Monday, January 21, 2013


 Brilyn was here and she loves
chocolate so I thought it would be fun to
try out the S'more Maker I got
from Deuce for Christmas!
Brilyn was excited as she watched me set out
the marshmallows and chocolate
and graham crackers!
I got it all set up and she was all smiles!
Until I lit the fire!
Then she RAN!
This brave little girl who acts as though
she could take on the whole world
is afraid of fire!
So, I made the S'mores!
And she ripped them apart to get to
the chocolate in the other room!
The S'mores Maker does a great job
of toasting marshmallow's, though.
It was fun!
But - handing over the
Hershey's would have made Brilyn
just as happy!


  1. What a great little gadget-perfect if your a smore lover. Maybe when she gets older she won't be afraid of it but yes it does look like she loves her choclate-smart girl ;-)

  2. Not such a bad thing for a kid to be afraid of...rather that than a fascination with fire. She looks like she is loving it- xo Diana