Thursday, January 24, 2013

Brilyn's Birthday Party

 We have monthly birthday parties at
my house. In January, there is only
one Birthday! So, Brilyn
gets a party all to herself!
We made banners that she can
use at both her family party here,
and the birthday party she
has at her house this coming
We also made cupcakes!
 She's not too sure about that fire
on top of her cupcake!
Daddy had to help her blow it out!
 But - she didn't need anyone's
help opening presents!
She can handle that
all by herself.
She might want some help
playing with them, though.
She likes having someone
to play with!
But - she's so much fun
we all like playing with her,
so that's never a problem!



  1. Happy Birthday to Brilyn-what a little sweetheart.

  2. My gosh, Patty- She is such a cute, sweet little girl. I can't believe it is her birthday already-xo Diana

  3. What a little doll she is. Happiest Birthday to her.
    And, are right...we love pink 'cause we have grandgirls....:))