Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Wonderful Christmas!

 We had a
We were only missing one family member.
My sweet daughter in law, Alyssa,
went with her parents and her brother
to visit her other brother and his
family. She has two little nieces whom
she adores and doesn't get to see often,
so while we missed her I was also happy
that she had the opportunity to spend some
time with them.
 And our little ones each got one big toy
from The Disney Store!
Olivia opened hers first!
It was a castle!
Brilyn opened hers next!
 It was a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!
I think she likes it!
She LOVES Mickey Mouse!
Grace opened hers!
And it was a castle!
(similar to but different than Olivia's)
But - what really made her happy
was a Barbie Doll!


  1. Isn't it cute to watch them open their things? All the big things and Grace likes the Barbie doll best! xo Diana

  2. Isn't Christmas wonderful with grands! Makes the holiday so special.