Monday, January 28, 2013

Brilyn On Her REAL Birthday!

Brilyn's REAL Birthday
fell on a Wednesday so we celebrated
the weekend before and after.
But, her Momma didn't want her
birthday to come and go without doing
something special, so we went to
Chuck E. Cheese's!
She opened a couple of presents!
 And we had a special lunch followed
by Birthday Cupcakes!
 She raced her Daddy in the token powered
race cars and won!
(she can make hers go with no token)
 She played lots of games!
And she rode lots of rides!
We had a good time and she was happy!
Brilyn loves Chuck E. Cheese's!
She talks about going all the time, so
her Daddy has been wanting to go with her.
They even took her to the big
Chuck E. Cheese's in OKC after the family
birthday party last Sunday.
But on Sunday's Chuck E. Cheese's is
and Brilyn doesn't care much
for the crowd. During the week
the little Chuck E. Cheese's in
Wichita Falls is quiet and she pretty
much has the place to herself and
she loves it!
Anyway.... I think she has had
a Very Happy Birthday!

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  1. She is so cute - I am glad she had a good time and that the place wasn't crowded- xo Diana