Monday, April 1, 2013

Playtime in the Park

We were playing in the park
and the girls wanted to swing!
And they are both now big
enough for the big kid swings!
I was still a little uneasy!
Those baby seats are so nice
and they seem so secure.
I worried that someone might let
go and fall off.
But the girls weren't worried.
They held on tight and enjoyed the ride!


  1. I love to watch the kids swing. I think I kept them in the 'baby' swings long after it was time for the big ones- xo Diana

  2. Aren't those baby swings nice-they just feel safer.
    They look so grownup on those big swings. ;-)
    Looks like a fun day and beautiful weather.

  3. How they love it when they graduate to the BIG KID things. :))