Tuesday, April 22, 2014

American Girl Doll, Addy Study

I love Civil War history.
Not so much the war stories, 
but the personal stories of people
from both the north and south 
and how the war effected them.
So, when my daughter saw these
books, she knew I would want them.
And she picked them up,
fro me to read to Grace!
 I've planned activities to go along with the
books and during my last visit to 
Texas, we read books #1 and #2.
 In book #1, Meet Addy, Addy and her
mother tell of their escape from slavery.
Addy's father and brother had just been
sold and Addy had been mistreated by
an overseer, so her Mother wanted
to run for Addy's sake.
Before they made a run for it,
Addy's mother gave her a shell that
had belonged to her father's grandmother.
She brought it with her when she was a girl
and she was captured in Africa.
Addy's Mother put the shell on one of
Addy's brother, Sam's leather shoelaces,
so Addy would have a memory of her
brother as well. The necklace was to remind
Addy of the journey her Great-grandmother
had made and how she was brave and strong,
and to remind Addy that she could be
brave and strong as well.
 I picked up a bag of similar shells
at Hobby Lobby and drilled holes in
one end for a metal clasp that
we attached before stringing the shells
on leather. The girls call these
"our brave and strong necklaces".
They were fun and easy to make.

And for book #1, I also picked up
a little bull whip.
Addy was whipped in book #1
and I wanted the girls to understand 
what a whip is.
Grace learned to crack a whip right away.
She even commented that she thought
that mean overseer needed the whipping!
Just listen to that CRACK!

And in book #2,
Addy Learns A Lesson,
Addy is free. She gets to go to school
and she learns to read!
For Book #2 I gave the girls
a slate so they could play school.
But - I didn't get any pictures.
And we will eventually finish the
Addy books. 
So far, they are my favorites from
the American Girl series.  

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  1. We love the American Girl dolls and series. That is great crafting. Your grands are so lucky that you do so many varied things with them. I couldn't get the video to play-but it is because of my settings on this computer-not on your end. xo Diana