Thursday, April 24, 2014

Brilyn and the Superworm!

 Brilyn loves reading about Superworm!

She also loves all of God's creatures
and that includes WORMS!
After our last few fishing adventures
I dumped our leftover worms into
a critter keeper and was planning
to start a small worm farm to
support our fishing needs.
BUT - Brilyn, thought the worms
were her pets and she loved them
so much, I talked her into setting them
free in the garden.
 And we'll just have to buy a
fresh tub of worms whenever we
want to go fishing.
Because - I don't know if that girl would
ever forgive me if I were to use one
of her pets as bait!


  1. Oh how special that Brilyn even loves the worms! I don't think you could use one of her worms for bait now that she has gotten attached to them all haha. These pictures are so wonderful, and she will look back at them one day and smile. I've never heard of Superworm before. Jess teaches elementary school and I'm wondering if it is something worth getting for her? Let me know.


  2. LOL- Too funny, Patty. I am wondering if she named them all! lol Pretty soon you will be having a worm and spider tea party! xo Diana