Thursday, April 10, 2014

Fishing With Three Girls

 Brandy and I went on a little
fishing trip with 
Grace, Olivia and Brilyn!
(Asher went, too, but he didn't explore or fish..... maybe next time)
 Grace learned to cast her pole 
all by herself. She now needs very
little help when fishing.
And she loves EXPLORING!
 Olivia and Brilyn enjoyed
feeding the ducks.
And while they fed the ducks,
they were also feeding the fish.
 So.... there was really no need for
those fish to bite into our
worms and get stuck on or hooks.
(we didn't catch many)
 The girls enjoyed playing with the worms.
 They also got to touch the fish we caught.
 They even kissed them good bye
before throwing them back into the water.
Such a fun  adventure for little girls!

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