Friday, April 25, 2014

Farm Field Trip

 On my trip to Texas we went on a 
Farm Field Trip!
 The girls had fun discovering how things were
done on a historic farm.
 It was a fun day!
We got to do farm chores.
First you have to strip the corn off the cob.
Then you have to grind it.
 And once you grind it
 You feed it to the chickens
and go gather the eggs.
 When we were in the milk barn
learning to mild Buttermilk the cow,
Grace found something fun to do on her own!
 She climbed in the hay!
I don't think tat was supposed
to be on the agenda!
 Here is Olivia feeding the goat!
 And both girls getting ready for a 
wagon ride!
Look at the clothes hanging on the line!
And isn't this the coolest storm shelter
you have ever seen.
I think it's a root cellar. 
And it perfectly matches the house!

1 comment:

  1. WHAT fun, Patty. I love all the hands on experiences you give your grandkids. It is something they will never forget- xo Diana