Monday, April 28, 2014

Easter Egg Craft

I was preparing for an
Easter Egg Hunt and Playdate
when I ended up getting to watch
Caelie for a few hours.
She was happy to test out
my craft project for me.
I had used plain foam Easter Eggs 
and glued them on paint sticks to
decorate my back yard to make
it look more festive for hunting eggs,
when I thought of this.
I let Caelie use permanent markers
to color some eggs and glue
them on paint sticks to decorate
her own yard.
They turned out really cute.
So, we did this again for our playdate.
And I put together a package for
Alyssa to use as a craft in Kindergarten.
You can't really beat this for an
Easter Craft for a group.
A package of 30 EGGS is $5.99
at Hobby Lobby - less 40%
if Easter is on sale or you
have a coupon and paint sticks are
free everywhere.
So, if you need a craft for a large group
next year this was pretty fun,
and inexpensive.


  1. That is a really, really cute idea, Patty. I am saving it to my files for next year. xo Diana

  2. The egg sticks look so festive, Patty. I bet Caelie enjoyed this very much. Kids love their craft projects. When I was younger I had a book of construction paper, and I went to town making all sorts of stuff, especially for the holidays. Don't ya just love Hobby Lobby?

    Have a good week.