Monday, April 21, 2014

Remember Charlotte?

Remember Charlotte?
Our garden spider from last summer?
 Before she went away last winter she 
spun her little egg sack.
We have been watching it, and will
continue to watch it, hoping to see lots
of little baby Charlotte's making their way
out of it and into the garden where they belong.
 But Brilyn kept seeing the egg sac and
asking about Charlotte and asking what's
in there, so we found another egg sac to open.
So Brilyn got to look at the inside of an 
egg sac up close.
She got to touch it, and see all of those
little tiny eggs. 
It was fascinating!
That's a lot of unhatched spiders!
Hopefully, we'll get pictures when
Charlotte's little ones make
their way out of their egg sac.

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  1. spiders for me xo Diana